Enviva® EO is a nature-identical essential oils blend of cinnamaldehyde and thymol that boosts feed intake in poultry and swine. This assists in creating a favorable nutribiotic state in the animal.

Proven to enhance nutritional health strategies, Enviva® EO delivers far-reaching health benefits and a strong return on investment.

Key Benefits
  • Improves intestinal development and health: Increases palatability of the feed which encourages feed intake in young animals such as piglets and stimulates the release of digestive enzymes to break down substrates in the feed more efficiently.
  • Boosts feed intake and consequently performance: Achieves a higher bodyweight gain (BWG) in major livestock species.
  • Delivers financial flexibility: Improves feed intake and nutrition, thereby maintaining animal health. Better feed intake improves growth performance during the piglet phase and gives a strong growth trajectory in the later stages of maturity.
  • Contributes to a favorable nutribiotic state: where nutrition, the microbiome, and the gut and immune function interact to create balance in the gastrointestinal tract.