Keeping calves healthy through weaning is critical.

Omni-Bos® CB is a three-strain Bacillus probiotic for use in calf milk replacer and calf electrolytes. The three strains were selected specifically for their superior stability and heat tolerance, as well as the production of bioactive peptides to promote a healthy gut.

Key benefits
  • Maintains healthy status in calves to weaning: helping to reduce scours and promoting beneficial bacteria in the gut.
  • Robust: Long shelf life and stable in calf milk replacer (CMR) and electrolytes.
  • Heat stable up to 180°F (82°C): flexible use in feeding methods.
  • Compatible with other commonly used additives: can be used with antibiotics and other additives in calf milk replacers.
  • Proven in use: backed by robust research demonstrating positive results.