Axtra® PHY is a fast-acting phytase feed enzyme sourced from a Buttiauxella sp. bacterium. It’s proven to improve poultry and swine performance, reduce phosphorus waste, and boost profitability.

Key Benefits
  • Fast-acting: Axtra® PHY works quickly in the digestive tract to release phosphorus from phytate and has proven highly active at low pH. This early action increases the rate of early phytate breakdown to release more phosphorus overall and successfully overcome phytate antinutritional effects.
  • Flexible and optimized dosing: Our data-driven, optimized dosing recommendations ensure you always deliver the correct phytase dose for your individual operational needs. This well-researched approach means you can be confident in maximizing results and optimizing overall production costs.
Proven Results

Reduced antinutritional effects of phytate have resulted in performance improvements over negative controls in our extensive animal trials and exceptional customer results, such as:

  • For pigs, up to 7% bodyweight gain (BWG) improvement and 3% feed conversion ratio (FCR) improvement.
  • For broilers, up to 9% BWG improvement and 5% FCR improvement.